What Difference a Day Makes, Monique Polak


Sure, I want to fight Communism–but how? read one in bold type over the head of a man. Be happy. Go Lucky read the Lucky Strike ad on the recto page.



It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. After blankly reading the same line over and over again, Cerise put down her book (Introduction to Economics) next to her father’s weekend newspaper. It was open to the horoscopes. Just her luck, to have a father who believed in horoscopes. Cerise was not the horoscope type.


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All writing that you will see throughout the Theme & Variations section of this site is work in progress. The authors of these texts have very graciously agreed to allow their work to appear on our site, so that you can get a glimpse into the creative process, and see what kind of material is produced within a live writing section. Unless otherwise noted, these texts are not edited.

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